Facilities Management Agency

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  1. Develop a consistent approach to assets management across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government with the exemption of assets concessioned for an operator under private partnership Agreement (PPA).
  2. Create an Asset register with database that is viable and accessible at all times for updating of assets information that meets international standards.
  3. Draw up a master plan towards management and maintenance of assets in the state.
  4. Determine the state of repairs/condition/service levels of each of the assets as well determining the current market value of the assets over and above the economic value that will be used for decision making.
  5. Establish the assessment procedures to ascertain the conditions, status, value, location and use for all state assets.
  6. Act as consultant in conjunction with other MDAs in facilities management and maintenance which can be achieved by having all the assets under Kaduna state Facilities Management Agency (KADFAMA).
  7. Ensure compliance with relevant stationary provisions; in design, renovations, remodelling, maintenance as well as ensuring that all consultancy jobs are done according to acceptable standards and specifications.
  8. Through its cost effective strategy, KADFAMA enhances the security, utility and preservation of state assets within the limits of state resources to optimize returns.
  9. Monitor, coordinate and out-source Facility Management’s Services base on needs assessments.
  10. Plan, implement and monitor all private and state own assets which also includes the approval and registration of Facility Managers.
  11. Supervise all aspects of Facility Management, space management and maintenance with a view to ensuring all public assets, facilities and installations within the economic use of resources are operating at optimal capacity.
  12. Perform periodic audit of state owned assets and infrastructure and advise on the maintenance or disposal of such assets.
  13. Coordinate the performance of out-sourced management scheduled and unscheduled maintenance works, including but not limited to general cleaning, fumigation, painting, furniture works, fixtures, mechanical and electrical maintenance, replacement of spare parts, maintenance of sewage and drainage systems as well as horticultural requirements of all and any other state owned premises.


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